Does Hollister beat Abercrombie?

Does Hollister beat Abercrombie?

Does Old navy beat Limited Too??

Does Marshalls beat American Eagle?

Or does nothing beat nothing?

Vote in now which store I said is best and I will say which store wins!

*Abercrombie kids and fitch- Tight but stylish for those who love clothes. I’d prefer this for blondies and skinny girls and boys. Money range from $9.90- $138.00 Vote Me!

* Hollister- Cute and very popular. Anybody could go here. everything is really cute and more suitable for 11 and up VOte us be’cuz we are da best!! Hollister!! Price Range $9.90- 48.90 (Not sure about the higest price)

*Old navy – Very cute shirts and sweat pants. I go there alot to buy pants and they are so comfortable. Vote Old Navy!! ($3.99-78.00)

* Limited too- Very girlie and preppy clothes. 2 fit into cliches you should go here. They have everything a girl needs. It’s truly a girl world!(6.90- Above and beyond!)

*Marshalls- They have alot of brand name clothing and shoes for a lower price. If you are a person with a tight budget and want good clothes then go 2 marshalls. (5.99-50.00)

American Eagle- Has very classic clothing for any type of person. Don’t know the price range!! Sorry!!



One Response to “Does Hollister beat Abercrombie?”

  1. lifesavor51 Says:

    abercrombie rox

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